How Alice Was Constructed

Before arriving at our final design, we went through many different mechanical prototypes. We settled quickly on our design for the sliding shelf system for each of the layers of electrical circuits (for easy access and modifications). However, it took us longer to settle on a final arm design. To see all our iterations, check out the "Prototypes" tab.

Bill of Materials
We were limited to a budget of $150. We were slightly over the budget due to the necessary prototyping iterations on the arm mechanism and the drive train. The most expensive components were of course the nice, $250 Maxon Motors, which were kindly donated to our class for this project.

Most of our structural components were designed in SolidWorks and cut on the LaserCamm machine using a combination of 4mm and 6mm thick Aircraft Plywood (which helped keep our bot light).

Final Design
For pictures of the final design, check out the last tab!