Greatest achievement
  • Creating a beautiful, fully functional pirate ship, complete with crew, just in time for the grading session!

What worked
  • We had a gorgeous ship. We did a great job paying attention to all the details!
  • The fiberglass boat was very robust
  • Our electronics were pretty solid
  • We all worked on at least a bit of every element of the project: mechanical, electrical, and software. We definately learned a lot in the process
  • Maintain a diligent GoogleDoc with daily updates on ToDo's (and a table of contents at the top for organization). Our blog was a great form of communication for us.

What we would like to improve
  • We were not as efficient as we could have been. Rather than building off of each other, we often redid work that other teammates had already done.

Gems of wisdom
  • Have fun!
  • Keep simplifying your design!
  • Communicate with your team.
  • Make your project look good and robust.
  • Design for adaptability and flexibility. Changes will need to occur, so allow for flexibility in your mechanical, software, and electrical from the very start.
  • Try to accomplish at least one task every day.
  • There usually isn’t time for prototyping/many reiterations, so when building boards or mechanical systems take the time to do it right (i.e. solder the board!), and be done with it.
  • Try think of creative debugging indicators (LEDs work great as well as our LCD screen) that allow you to debug electronics outside of software.