april 2009 - june 2009
objective: design and construct a highly utilitarian lighting device
For my Senior Implementation Project, I decided to create a closet light where the beauty of the form results from a sensitive interplay of explicit function, materials, structure, and context.

vision: elegance, function, convenience, and affordability available for all

opportunity in closet lighting: inadequately lit closets, lighting not on the clothes, and current closet lighting solutions are a hassle

current closet lighting options are not adequate (first three lighting options)
user perspective
“I could always use light in the closet!”
“Nothing worse than fumbling around in a dark closet!”
“Hassle installing enough light into current closets on your own.”
“If it worked well, looked good, and was cheap, I’d buy it.”
“I care about how I present myself professionally, but every morning I have to choose my outfit in the dark.”
design principles
  • Do it yourself install
  • Able to be retro-fitted
  • Convenient
  • Affordable
  • Reliable and sturdy
  • Classic and elegant
  • Environmentally friendly
concept exploration: utilitarian illumination for the closet
use senario
manufacturing: CAD models

reliability: strength and endurance
  • Polycarbonate provides strength and protects LEDs
  • Wood veneer enhances aesthetic and diffuses LEDs
  • Consistent motion detector works as switch
  • Robust plastic rod holders accommodate for different closet widths
competitive analysis
manufacturing: bill of materials
business model: a conventional retail and online approach
Retail: $ 24.99
Wholesale: $ 12.50
Cost of goods: $ 5.62
Retail margin 50%
Closetsaber margin 55%
(Non-) competitive products:
Pelion LED Light: $ 25.99
LED Oval Closet Rail Kit: $ 70.00
value proposition
  • Affordable
  • Do it yourself install
  • Retro-fittable
  • Motion sensitive and automatic timer
  • Addresses an everyday need
user feedback
Tish 40
“I really think this is a great idea! It covers everything I would need from a closet light.”
Julie 45
“I need that! I’ll be your first sale!”
Seamus 30 - Brookstone manager
“I guarantee there is a market for this! It could do really well here. Customers would love buying this as a gift.”
“There is nothing else like this, and if there is, it sucks.”
Rob 40 - Pottery Barn manager
“What a great idea. I could see this working really well in home stores like Lowes. I would definitely use it myself, too!”
next steps
  • Further user testing
  • Engineering validation and test (EVT)
  • Design validation and test (DVT)
  • Production validation and test (PVT)
With the Closet Light, the user’s closet experience is greatly enhanced by allowing for a more natural experience when searching her closet for the perfect outfit.


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