Monsoon Catcher Challenge
january 2010
objective: design and build a rain catcher in four days under $20
We began our process by brainstorming our resources and possible configurations. After brainstorming for two days, we settled upon a canopy structure that would surround our water source.
In designing our structure, we considered the importance of being able to easily assemble it in five minutes with five people. We decided on a composite of aluminum and pvc piping at the top strung with tensioned cable, which allowed us to easily transport and reassemble our structure. The top frame was vertically adjustable and easily able to be disassembled.
Our final design consisted of adding $12 plastic sheeting to our frame using duct tape. Each of the four sides was gathured together and attached to the center ladder with the water source (two rotating sprinklers) using rope. We then rigorously tested where the settling point of the water would be and created watertight "udders" that could feed the water into a bucket in the center. We were careful to ensure tension in the plastic sheeting to minimize sagging points that may unnecessarily store the water.
What made our solution unique and so effective was our testing. We made sure that we tested with water throughout our prototyping process. We were feeding water into our bucket throughout the five minutes and even filled over three and a half buckets of water in the process!
and the results are in...we have the ultimate monsoon catcher!



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